Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Music Monthly - October 2016 Releases

It's nearly October and the traditional musical drought of winter will soon be upon us. The labels usually wind down their year with a rash of fourth quarter releases and then, come November, precious little new music until well into the new year. No matter, true believer, 'cause the month that ends with Halloween offers plenty of tunes to chew on through the Christmas holiday with both new albums and classic rock reissues appearing on your favorite store's shelves.  

Green Day's Revolution Radio

Green Day - Revolution Radio   BUY!
Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of Reason   BUY!
NoFX - First Ditch Effort   BUY!
Seasick Steve - Keepin' the Horse Between Me and the Ground   BUY!
Todd Snider - Eastside Bulldog   BUY!
John Wesley - A Way You'll Never Be   BUY!
Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans (Expanded Edition)   BUY!

Kings of Leon's Walls

Big Star - Complete Third   BUY!
Kings of Leon - Walls   BUY!

The Pretenders' Alone

David Crosby - Lighthouse   BUY!
Big Dave McLean - Better The Devil You Know   BUY!
The Pretenders - Alone   BUY!
The Security Project - Live 2   BUY!

Uriah Heep's Salisbury

Uriah Heep - Salisbury (deluxe reissue)   BUY!

Seasick Steve's Keepin' the Horse Between Me and the Ground

Album of the Month: Seasick Steve's Keepin' the Horse Between Me and the Ground is the expat bluesman's eighth studio album, the Oakland, California native delivering an inspired mix of blues, boogie, rock, folk, and Americana music with his usual whipsmart lyrics. Beloved in his adopted U.K. homeland, it's been ten years since Seasick Steve released his acclaimed debut album, Doghouse Music. If you're a blues fan and don't know Seasick Steve, it's high time you checked out this talented troubadour!   

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