Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About The Other Side of Nashville

The founder of That Devil Music Dot Com is the Rev. Keith A. Gordon, author of The Other Side of Nashville book.

The Other Side of Nashville is a big-ass book, 8.5" x 11" and 620 pages, sub-titled "An Incomplete History & Discography of the Nashville Rock Underground 1976-2006."

The book covers the growth and evolution of Nashville's non-country music scene as seen by the Rev. Keith A. Gordon, who was there on the street in the 1980s and '90s as it happened.

The final tally for the book is 500+ artists/bands listed and around 540 photos of bands, CD and LP covers, posters, and such in this profusely-illustrated volume.

The Other Side of Nashville cover was created by artist Tim Shawl. Tim took my initial raw idea and created a dynamic cover for the book that makes it stand out. Tim, some may remember, created some of the most memorable covers for the old Metro magazine in Nashville during the late 1980s and early 1990s, which is where we first met.

The Other Side of Nashville has a cover price of $29.95 and can be ordered from Amazon.com by using this link, or you can get a copy directly from the Reverend by using the PayPal link below. If the cover price for a print copy of the book is a little steep for your budget, we've worked a deal with Zunior.com to offer OSN as an eBook in PDF format at a substantially lower price. Get over to Zunior.com and tell Dave that we sent ya!

Here's the deal on direct orders...the cost of this monster 620-page trade paperback book is $33.00 with shipping at the Media Mail rate (slower than Priority, but still pretty fast!). As promised, 5% of the $29.95 cover price, or $1.50 per each book sold direct, will be donated to various Kickstarter projects to pass along the love shown me by those good folks that helped fund completion of the book through Kickstarter. The PayPal link below is good for U.S. orders only -- if you're in Canada or England, please email me at reverendk-at-mondogordo-dot-com and I'll return a quote on the cost of sending you a copy directly from the printer.

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