Friday, April 15, 2016

CD Preview: Walter Trout's ALIVE In Amsterdam

Walter Trout's ALIVE In Amsterdam
Blues-rock guitarist Walter Trout is back and better than ever, touring the globe on the back of his acclaimed Battle Scars album. Never one to let any moss grow beneath his feet, on June 17th, 2016 Provogue Records will release Trout’s ALIVE In Amsterdam, a red-hot collection of performances recorded in November 2015 in Amsterdam’s Royal Theatre CarrĂ©. ALIVE In Amsterdam will be released as both a two-CD set and a three-album set pressed in glorious 180gr black vinyl.

ALIVE In Amsterdam is a triumph for the beloved bluesman, Trout’s 2013 diagnosis of Hepatitis C and liver failure bringing the guitarist to the edge of death. A successful transplant in May 2014 was followed by a lengthy recuperation and rehab period, during which Trout wrote the stark autobiographical songs that make up 2015’s Battle Scars CD. Overjoyed to be back on the road again performing for his fans, of the performance documented by ALIVE In Amsterdam, Trout says, in a press release for the album, “we were rocking. If people are expecting a laid-back show, that’s not what they’ll get. This is potent stuff...”

ALIVE In Amsterdam features songs from every era of Trout’s five-decade (and counting) career, including his B.B. King tribute “Say Goodbye To The Blues,” a scorching cover of his idol Luther Allison’s “I’m Back” as well as Trout originals like “Almost Gone” and “Tomorrow Seems So Far Away.” Says Trout, “that whole tour was kind of triumphant for me, just to be back, after what I went through, but also to be playing with a renewed energy and commitment.” Truly at home on the stage, ALIVE IN Amsterdam captures Trout’s pure joy in performing. “I get into the energy and the moment and the excitement of it all,” he says. “I think I'm a very different guitarist live...”

Check out the track list below, and then get thee over to to reserve your copy of Walter Trout’s ALIVE In Amsterdam!

ALIVE In Amsterdam track list:

1. Marie's Introduction
2. Play The Guitar
3. Help Me
4. I'm Back
5. Say Goodbye To The Blues
6. Almost Gone
7. Omaha
8. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away
9. Playin' Hideaway
10. Haunted By The Night
11. Fly Away
12. Please Take Me Home
13. Rock Me Baby
14. Marie's Mood
15. Serve Me Right To Suffer
16. The Love That We Once Knew

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