Friday, April 17, 2020

Song of the Week: Sour Ops' "The Sexy Sadist" (2020)

Price Harrison and his gang o' sonic terrorists, Sour Ops, released (today!) a brand spankin' new digital single, "The Sexy Sadist." The song is a molten slab of Motor City meets the Big Apple rock 'n' roll that draws as much from Iggy & the Stooges as it does from Lou Reed's Velvet Underground, with the Harrison Brothers (Price & Mark) dancing a switchblade tango with clashing lead guitars while the rest of these Nashville thugs pound out a skull-splitting rhythm track above a snaky, sensual synth line. "The Sexy Sadist" is gar-an-damn-teed to rattle
yer bones, or your money back...check out the song below and discover more cool tunes by Sour Ops on the band's website...

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