Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Music Monthly: January 2017 Releases

Welcome back to That Devil Music's "New Music Monthly" column! Life begins to get back to normal  in January after a lengthy hiatus for the holidays, and while there's still a smallish slate of releases for the month, how can one complain about a new year that kicks off with a new Brian Eno CD? Throw in new albums from bluesman Ronnie Baker Brooks, the Flaming Lips, and the Dropkicks Murphys along with the reissue of a classic album from Cream and it's a good month, indeed!

Cream's Fresh Cream

Brian Eno - Reflection  BUY!

Dropkick Murphys' 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory

Cream - Fresh Cream [deluxe]  BUY!
Dropkick Murphys - 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory  BUY!

Eric Ambel's Lakeside

Eric Ambel - Lakeside   BUY!
The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody   BUY!
Sepultura - Machine Messiah   BUY!

Sepultura's Machine Messiah

Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen   BUY!
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Times Have Changed    BUY!
David "Honeyboy" Edwards - Live at the G Spot   BUY!

Ronnie Baker Brooks' Times Have Changed

Chicago - Chicago II (Steven Wilson remix)  BUY!
John Mayall - Talk About That   BUY!
Ty Segall - Ty Segall   BUY!

Bash & Pop's Anything Could Happen

Album of the Month: Bash & Pop's Anything Can Happen, the first album in 23 years from Replacements' bassist Tommy Stinson. After the Replacements broke up in 1992, Stinson grabbed a guitar and formed Bash & Pop with guitarist Steve Brantseg, 'Mats drummer Steve Foley, and Steve's brother Kevin on bass. The four released a single album, Friday Night Is Killing Me, in 1993 but broke up the following year. Stinson had been inspired to write new material during the past two years and after a PledgeMusic campaign, reformed the band to record the long-anticipated Anything Can Happen.

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