Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Rev's Boogie Chillun now available!

Rev. Gordon's Boogie Chillun
The fourth volume of the Reverend’s personal archives, Boogie Chillun is now available for order from Excitable Press and Named for the classic John Lee Hooker song, Boogie Chillun is a collection of over 150 rock ‘n’ blues album, DVD, and book reviews penned by the “Reverend of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Rev. Keith A. Gordon over the course of his 44+ year career as a rock critic and music historian. Boogie Chillun also includes a number of articles from the Rev's archives, including obituaries for Abbie Hoffman and Timothy Leary, a look back at the Kent State killings, musical piracy and more!

From classic rockers like Bob Seger, Jimi Hendrix, and Joe Grushecky to blues legends like Walter Trout, Tommy Castro, and Muddy Waters, if you love music, Boogie Chillun is the cratediggers' guide to your next album purchases! Order an autographed copy of Boogie Chillun directly from the Reverend for $15.99 postpaid in the U.S. or $22.99 for Canada by using the PayPal buttons below. European orders should be made through Boogie Chullun is a 5.5” x 8.5” trade paperback, a respectable 414 pages and profusely illustrated with album cover artwork.

Boogie Chillun $15.99 U.S.

Boogie Chillun $22.99 Canada

Prefer to buy from Here's a link to the Rev's Boogie Chillun 

What critics had to say about Let It Rock!, the third volume in the Rev’s archive series:

"Bottom line: There’s something here for all of us, kids, ‘cos when the Rev. sets up his tent to preach the gospel, it’s a big goddam tent he pitches. Apologies for the cursing; but this is, after all, the devil’s music." – Fred Mills, Blurt magazine

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