Sunday, November 9, 2014

Video of the Week: Siena Root’s The Way You Turn

This week’s video madness comes courtesy of Swedish heavy rockers Siena Root, who have a lot more on the ball than the usual “stoner rock” outfit. “The Way You Turn” displays some nuanced instrumentation to go along with the aural bludgeoning, the band’s hard-rocking sound evincing the same sort of “devil may care” experimental vibe as the best mid-1970s period Black Sabbath, but with a contemporary edge honed to a fine point by three decades of pioneering heavy metal. While Siena Root certainly has a sound rooted in the classic rock era of bands like Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep they manage to bring plenty of their own creative electricity to the game.

“The Way You Turn” comes from Siena Root’s upcoming disc Pioneers, the band’s first album to be released in the United States, due on November 18th, 2014 courtesy of the good folks at Cleopatra Records. The band’s riff-happy sound is complimented by its heavy use of throwback-vibe keyboards not dissimilar to Purple’s Jon Lord or Heep’s Ken Hensley. Throw in some heavy bass and explosive drumming, and you have a recipe for entertainment in any era. The album also includes a red-hot cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" guaranteed to singe the hair from your ears...

Although Siena Root has been kicking around its native Sweden since the late 1990s, they’re just now beginning to make a splash in the greater world of hard rock and heavy metal, earning the band no little praise from some of their obvious influences. In a press release for Pioneers, Uriah Heep guitarist and founder Mick Box says “it’s nice to hear a band like Siena Root playing it for real in this overly-processed world that we live in. Power to them, and I wish them all the success in the world!”

Fellow droogs, if anybody knows heavy rock ‘n’ roll music, it’s Mick Box, so you can take his endorsement of Siena Root to the bank…or just watch the video and make up your own bloody mind…

Buy the album on Siena Root's Pioneers

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