Saturday, February 1, 2020

New Music Monthly: February 2020 releases

Winter's icy grip is embracing most of us here in the U.S. but that doesn't mean that there aren't some red-hot tunes on the horizon this month to keep you warm! It's a short month, to be sure, bu if new music from folks like Green Day, Sepultura, Tame Impala, Guided by Voices, Supersuckers, and Ozzy Osbourne, among others, doesn't light your fire, maybe a five-disc Eric Burdon & the Animals box set will make the weather more tolerable.

Release dates are subject to change and nobody tells me when they do. If you’re interesting in buying an album, just hit the ‘Buy!’ link to get it from’s just that damn easy! Your purchase puts valuable ‘store credit’ in the Reverend’s pocket that he’ll use to buy more music to write about in a never-ending loop of rock ‘n’ roll ecstasy! 

Green Day's Father of All...

Cadillac Three - Country Fuzz   BUY!
Green Day - Father of All...   BUY!
Nada Surf - Never Not Together   BUY!
Sepultura - Quadra   BUY!
Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida   BUY!
Supersuckers - Play That Rock 'n' Roll   BUY!

The Third Mind's The Third Mind

Huey Lewis & the News - Weather   BUY!
Nathaniel Rateliff - And It's Still Alright   BUY!
Tame Impala - The Slow Rush   BUY!
The Third Mind - The Third Mind [with/Dave Alvin, Victor Krummenacher & David Immergluck]   BUY!

Ozzy Osbourne's Ordinary Man

Eric Burdon & the Animals - When I Was Young, The MGM Recordings, 1967-1968 [5-CD box set]   BUY!
Greg Dulli - Random Desire   BUY!
Grimes - Miss_Anthrop0cene   BUY!
Guided by Voices - Surrender Your Poppy Field   BUY!
Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man   BUY!
Nancy Priddy - You've Come This Way Before [vinyl reissue]   BUY!

Mondo Generator's Fuck It

Caribou - Suddenly   BUY!
Dom Flemons - Prospect Hill: The American Songster Omnibus   BUY!
Mondo Generator - Fuck It   BUY!
Soccer Mommy - Color Theory   BUY!

Eric Burdon & the Animals' When I Was Young, The MGM Recordings, 1967-1968

Album of the Month: Eric Burdon & the Animals - When I Was Young, The MGM Recordings, 1967-1968 is a five-CD box set comprised of the band's late-period albums for the label including 1967's Winds of Change (with the hit single "San Franciscan Night") and 1968's The Twain Shall Meet (with the hits "Sky Pilot" and "Monterey"), Every One of Us, and Love Is plus assorted rarities and singles edits. An underrated period for the band, to be sure, coming in between the Animals early success as part of the British Invasion and Burdon's later solo work.  

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