Saturday, September 1, 2018

New Music Monthly: September 2018 Releases

More musical goodness than one person can handle is coming your way in September, and if last month didn't bust yer bankroll, you just weren't trying! Take out a home loan or hit up your local neighborhood loan shark 'cause this month brings new albums by folks like Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Eric Lindell, Richard Thompson, Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa, R&B legend Swamp Dogg, and the great Alejandro Escovedo that you know you're gonna want. Throw in CD and vinyl reissues and archive releases from talents like J.D. Souther, Moby Grape's Skip Spence, Bob Seger, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Tom Petty, and the Ramones and you'll be raiding your kid's college fund before the month is through...

If we wrote about it here on the site, there will be a link to it in the album title; if you want an album, hit the 'Buy!' link to get it from's just that damn easy! Your purchase puts money in the Reverend's pocket that he'll use to buy more music to write about in a never-ending loop of rock 'n' roll ecstasy!

Eric Lindell's Revolution In Your Heart

Clutch - Book of Bad Decisions   BUY!
Mike Farris - Silver and Stone   BUY!
JEFF the Brotherhood - Magick Songs   BUY!
Lenny Kravitz - Raise Vibration   BUY!
L7 - Hungry for Stink [vinyl reissue]   BUY!
Eric Lindell - Revolution In Your Heart   BUY!
Paul McCartney - Egypt Station   BUY!
Mirah - Understanding   BUY!
Pentangle - Sweet Child [vinyl reissue]   BUY!
Bob Seger & the Last Heard - Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967   BUY!
Paul Simon - In the Blue Light   BUY!
Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurt   BUY!
Swamp Dogg - Love, Loss and Auto-Tune   BUY!

Richard Thompson's 13 Rivers

Eric Burdon & the Animals - Winds of Change [mono vinyl reissue]   BUY!
The Doors - Waiting For the Sun: 50th Anniversary Edition   BUY!
Alejandro Escovedo - The Crossing   BUY!
Hawkwind - Road To Utopia   BUY!
Malcolm Holcombe - Come Hell or High Water   BUY!
Low - Double Negative   BUY!
Monster Truck - True Rockers   BUY!
Jorge Santana - Love the Way: The Solo 70s Recordings   BUY!
Richard Thompson - 13 Rivers   BUY!
Uriah Heep - Living the Dream   BUY!
Various Artists - Chicago Plays the Stones   BUY!
We Were Promised Jetpacks - The More I Sleep The Less I Dream   BUY!
Paul Weller - True Meanings   BUY!
Ann Wilson - Immortal   BUY!

The Ramones' Road To Ruin

Mandy Barnett - Strange Conversations   BUY!
Joe Bonamassa - Redemption   BUY!
Billy Gibbons - The Big Bad Blues   BUY!
Lenny Kravitz - 5   BUY!
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way   BUY!
Lenny Kravitz - Circus   BUY!
Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said   BUY!
Prince - Piano & A Microphone: 1983   BUY!
The Ramones - Road to Ruin: 40th Anniversary Edition   BUY!
Slash - Living the Dream   BUY!
JD Souther - Black Rose [vinyl reissue]   BUY!
JD Souther - Home By Dawn [vinyl reissue]   BUY!
JD Souther - John David Souther [vinyl reissue]   BUY!
Supersuckers - Suck It   BUY!
The Textones - Old Stone Gang   BUY!
Various Artists - Ska Authentic   BUY!
Voivod - The Wake   BUY!

Tom Petty's An American Treasure

All Them Witches - ATW   BUY!
King Crimson - Meltdown In Mexico   BUY!
Mudhoney - Digital Garbage   BUY!
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - An American Treasure [box set]   BUY!
Skip Spence - AndOarAgain [3-CD reissue]   BUY!
U2 - The Best of 1990-2000 [vinyl reissue]   BUY!
Tony Joe White - Bad Mouthin'   BUY!

Release dates are subject to change, so don't blame us...

The Textones' Old Stone Gang

Album of the Month: The Textones' Old Stone Gang...after better than three decades, Textones' frontwoman Carla Olson put the original band together (sans Phil Seymour, R.I.P.) to record a few tracks and see if the old band magic still exists (hint: it does...). The result was Old Stone Gang, the Textones’ third official studio album and their first in 30+ years. If you were ever a fan of the band, you definitely need to hear this 'cause it's really like they never left! 

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